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World leader in supply and installation of modular systems to realize floating solar PV plants on calm water, basins , reservoirs...

1 frames and 2 HDPE floats form a “unit” of about 2x4,5 meters, and it’s possible to replicate horizontally and vertically to reach the desired power . In this case you request to install solar panel’s big dimension, so we need to add extra floats between each rows to create distances and avoid shadow.

Each floating unit can accommodate 4 solar panels. The standard tilt of the solar panels is 7%.

The system - called NRG ISLAND - provided contain all the components needed to assemble the frames, connect the floats one to each other, and the fasteners for fixing the solar panels (standard panels with aluminium frames) to the frames.

Water’s level changment: Our system is adaptable to variations in the water level, thanks to weights positioned at 1/3 of the chain length so as to always maintain the tensioned system respecting the level variations



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