F.A.Q. about Floating PV Plant & NRG Island System

F.A.Q. about Floating PV Plant & NRG Island System

Frequently Asked Question about FPV - FLOATING SOLAR PV SYSTEMS

- Can the system be installed in salty water?
> Yes, NRG Island doesn’t present problems in salty water. Nevertheless, is always necessary to verify if the water, salty or not, contains other chemicals.
- Where can I find the installation manual?
> You can send a request to our email address: tech@nrgisland.com. We will be glad to share with you the installation manual and other documents after the sign of a reciprocal NDA.
- Which is the mean time required to install the system?
> Usually a team of 5 people can install between 120 to 160 panels per day. It depends on the available space for the installation process.
- Which is the warranty on the floating system and its lifespan?
> The NRG Island system is guaranteed for 5 years against any manufacturing defect. The warranty will be valid if the system is installed in compliance with the specifications. With a proper plan of annual routine maintenance, the warranty could be extended to 10 years.
- What kind of facilities are required for the installation process?
> The installation process usually doesn’t require any facility in particular. Sometimes, if the bank is very tilted or rocks are present on the shore, we need a ramp to slide the floating system in the water. This and other eventualities will be evaluated case by case
- How does the system behave if the reservoir dries off completely?
> If the reservoir presents a flat bottom without big rocks or asperities on the ground, NRG Island simply leans on it without problems for the structure.
- Would it be possible to implement a floating fence around the FPV plant?
> Yes. If requested, we can supply a floating fence too.
- Is the blue color the only possible color for floaters?
> The standard colors of our floaters are blue or white-cream, but for projects of a certain size we can also provide floaters with other colors.
- What patents are related to the floating system?
> Our floating system has 2 patents, one for the frames that support the panels and one for the HDPE floats.
- Can the system be mounted on water or should the reservoir be dry?
> Our system can be mounted in both ways, with the reservoir dry or full. If there is water, we usually start to install the system on the shore and we progressively push it in the water.
- Is it possible to install the inverters directly on the floating system?
> Yes, both string inverters and central inverters can be placed on the FPV Island if needed.
- Is there a minimum order size?
> The minimum order size is 10 floating units. We can evaluate exceptions depending on the case.
- Can the system be installed with an East-West orientation of panels too?
> Yes.
- Is it possible to mount the panels in landscape mode?
> Yes, it is possible, but since the floating units have been conceived to support 4 PV panels each in portrait mode, if the panels are placed in landscape mode instead, the floating units will support only two PV panels.
- What is the delivery time?
> Delivery time will vary depending on the project location, we will start production and start the delivery in tranches after a minimum of 60 working days after the order placement.

- What do you need to prepare a quote?
> We kindly ask to fill our Ceck list (> you can download it simply clicking HERE < ) so to let us know the main datas we need to prepare a first quote. Main parameters we need are:
- Technical characteristics of photovoltaic solar panels, their dimensions,
- Total power of the photovoltaic system,
- The desired tilt, t
- The characteristics of the water basin (if available water depth)-
- Type of anchorage desired: if with weights on the bottom of the basin or with weights on the banks.


Ceck our layout: it is modular, easy to understand and to replicate horizzontally and vertically.
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