NRG Island system's data and layout: how to install solar panels on water.

NRG Island System - F.PV.System

F.PV. alias Floating Photovoltaic Plants. Nrg Island system allows to install solar panels on calm water, basins , reservoirs...

NRG Island is a modular system born in 2010.
Since that time we start installing and improving our system, so we can be proud to have the most long time experience in floating pv plants! we can say we are the true pioneers and the facts say so: in November-December 2010 we installed and connected to the Grid the largest floating photovoltaic plant in the world at the time!

NRG System It consists in "NRG UNITS" horizontally and vertically replicable.
Each "UNIT" is composed by at least 2 floats + 1 frame
You can install 4 solar panels on each "UNIT", of each kind, brand and dimension (bifacials too).
If solar panels are big dimension type or choosen tilt is > 7° we need to add some additional floats so to create distance between rows so to avoid shadow's effect.


Ceck our layout: it is modular, easy to understand and to replicate horizzontally and vertically.
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There are no limits. Download and ceck this document regarding all NRG Island System's advantages!
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Download our brochure to understand better our system and how we can help and assist in realizing your Floatig PV.
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Floating Photovoltaic System

floating PV plants
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  • Easy and Friendly to handle
  • Modular and Versatility
  • For any brand of solar panels, 60 or 72 cells.
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