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Welcome to NRG Island! World leader in supply and installation of modular systems to realize floating solar PV plants on calm water, basins , reservoirs...

In many countries, there is a lack of space to install large scale ground-mount solar systems. That's the reason we install solar pv systems on water! Quarries lakes, dams, irrigation reservoirs, water-treatment sites or lands liable to flooding: possibilities to install floating PV plants are infinite!

NRG Island is a modular system consisting of "UNITS". Each "UNIT" sopports 4 photovoltaic panels. Units are replicable horizontally and vertically until you reach the total desired power of floating photovoltaic solar plant.

PATENTED AND GUARANTEED: Our system is patented and certified.

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FPV Pioneer

Our first floating photovoltaic system dates back to 2010. We are the most experienced company in the world! The true pioneers of the Floating PV system!

Modular System

There are no limits. NRG system provides support to the panels and constitutes a true walkable platform, so as to allow each type of operation on the floating solar photovoltaic farm.

Safe and Stable

Floats provide support to the frames on which 4 solar panels take place. Frames connect with floats to form a rigid and stable system, so as to allow operators to walk over it.

Floating Photovoltaic System

floating PV plants


  • Install any kind and Brand of Panels
  • Accessible walkways for Workers
  • Better air circulation to cooler panels, lower operating temperature.
  • Modular system replicable horizontally and vertically to reach any power.
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Recent Projects

Details and Specifications

  • NRG Island: 14 MW floating solar photovoltaic system for Boralex in france 2021 Canadian renewable energy company Boralex has installed in partnership with NRG Island a 14 MW floating solar farm in France. The project is the company’s first floating solar farm, located in Peyrolles-en-Provence, in the French department of Bouches-du-Rhône. It features more than 43,000 photovoltaic panels, assembled into a 12ha island in the Chapeliers basin, a previous gravel pit under redevelopment. It is expected to produce more than 22GWh of electricity per annum, which is adequate to address the energy needs of around 6,400 households. The company conducted specific studies to determine the environmental, landscape and technical issues to build a project with a sustainable technological solution.
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  • NRG Island offers remarkable advantages in comparison to the other Floating PhotoVoltaic options on the market: The unique design of our cube shaped floats enables you to connect them in a quick and easy manner, allowing for a significantly shorter installation time. The connections are made directly on site, through the use of special connecting elements made in HDPE, which you can screw and unscrew from the top. In case of replacement or addition of one or more floats of an already installed floating island, this feature allows the maintenance operator to never have to perform from below the island (employing underwater gear), but simply unscrewing the pin while remaining on the island. The floats can also be merged into platforms of whichever shape and size, and they provide you with an unmatched floatability ( 350 kg/sqm ).
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  • The structural design of NRG ISLAND: The floats are placed on the sides of an aluiminium frame, upon which the panels are laid.
    This geometry, in addition to shielding the water from the sunbeams reducing the evaporation rate up to 80%, allowsus to have free space beneath the panels, enhancing air circulation under the modules, and preserving an adequate oxygenation of the water.
    The air flow and the mitigating effect of the water protect the panels from high temperatures, ensuring, especially in the summer, an increased efficiency of the system.
    Bifacial panels can be installed to get an increase in the production of energy. Our system enables the light that is reflected on the surface of the water to be captured by the photovoltaic cells on the rear of the panels.
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  • Flexibility: NRG ISLAND is tailored to fit the needs of the customer: The PV modules are not directly positioned on the floats, they are placed on the frame instead. This feature enable the installation of panels with any tilt thanks to the possibility of adapting the frame during manufacturing
    It is possible to install every kind of solar panel , of any brand, power or size.
    The floats can be assembled to form a platform for the laying of cables, or a wharf, or a walkway that links the photovoltaic island to the shore. It is also possible to create floating walkways that surround the photovoltaic island, and to install handrails in PE for better safety of the staff (lights can be added to the handrails if requested).
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  • Stability and Resistance The flat surface of the floats creates avery stable platform. It's easy to move on the walkways, which consist of continuous rows of floats. There are no gaps between the floats, which results in an easy and safe maintenance, allowing also to carry on the island wheelbarrow and maintenance equipment. In addition to the high quality of the materials, the compactness of the structure boosts the overall resistance of the island at the occurrence of significant meteorological events, providing the island with high wind resistance. This elevated stability is ensured by the anchoring and mooring system, which is properly designed for every specific situation.
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NRG Island - System to Realize Floating Solar PV Plants

Some details about our NRG Island system.

The NRG Island system is easy to assemble and can be installed directly on the shore of water basins.
The system is modular: the floating units are pre-assembled on the land according to the installation manual and then they are joined to form the rows/columns of the PV island.
The already installed parts are gradually pushed in the water.
The planned installation steps depend on the size of the PV island and on the site characteristics, like the gap between the water level and the bank or the available space on the bank to carry out the assembly operations. For large installations (when the length of the rows and/or columns is bigger than the available space on the bank) it's necessary to install parts of the island separately and then to connect them together directly in the water.
Connections in the water are easy, there is no need for divers since the floats can be fixed one to another from above by the use of HDPE screws and bolts.

INSTALL SYSTEM AND PUSH INTO WATER Our system is very "friendly", light to move and easy to handle. While you connect floats and frames, you can place all solar panels, composing "lines" of nrg island system. After finish a first line, just push into water and start installing a second line and go on until you finish all Pv plant!

We can adapt our system following each kind of need and water's variation level too. We adopt 2 different type of anchoring systems: 1) using chains and deadweith underwater 2) Using cement weight placed on the shore (they can be buried too) and connecting them to the floating pv platform using chains or high tenacity ropes.

Cables and string boxes can lie down our floating system. In fact floats not only provide subtsain to solar panels but are real walkways wich allows to place o them cables, string boxes, and also to let workesr walk on them to do regular manteinance to pv system.

Resistance and Durability
Our floating system was born to be placed on every kind of water, salt or fresh one. It's is very strong system and guarantee for 10 years against every factory defect. We can enlarge this guarantee until 25 years if necessary.