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World leader in supply and installation of modular systems to realize floating PV plants on calm water, basins , reservoirs...

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We are international leaders for supply and installation of photovoltaic floating systems' structures. Our patented system is modular, that is replicated in all dimensions such as to obtain floating islands with many photovoltaic panels as the desired power. There are no limits or restrictions. The system provides support to the panels but constitutes a true walkable platform, so as to allow each type of operation on the photovoltaic system.

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Our standard module consists of 4 floating in high-density polyethylene and two chassis in stainless steel AISI 314 or 316. All screws and bolts are made of stainless steel 316, the clamps are the type of aluminum: each component is designed to ensure maximum reliability and durability.


The floats provide support to the steel frames, connecting with them to form a rigid and stable system, so as to allow operators to walk over to each row of floating even with trolleys or equipment in order to enable proper monitoring and maintenance of floating photovoltaic plant.




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  • 2015 New System

    New fixing system of steel chassis to place the photovoltaic panels: now the whole phase of assembly takes place from the top, that is without loosing energy and time moving floats.

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  • 4 MW

    New Project of a photovoltaic floating over 4 MW to be implemented in Europe, thanks to the iron will of a very important business group...

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