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Blow Molded Floats

FULLY MODULAR – The simple design of the modular floating cube facilitates the use of various types of accessories such as mooring kits, cable racks, guardrails, ladders, etc.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE – The assembly of modular floating cubes is extremely simple. Each SunnyDock cube has 4 ears on each angle which enable assembly by the connecting pins tightened by means of a locking key.

MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY – This foolproof flexibility is undeniably the great strength of these galleggianti that can be installed in water exposed to difficult conditions.

STRENGTH AND DURABILITY – Greatest buoyancy of the market. Up to 350kg/sqm. Average thickness of HDPE is 7-9mm. UV resistant. Temperature range -55°C to +77°C. Made to last for decades.